a ~ Streets that follow like a tedious argument


Me: “No.”

B: “But I already had a banana!”

Me: “You had two bites of a banana. And even if you did eat the whole thing, still no.”

B: “BUT WHY?!”

Me: “Because too much sugar can make you sick. And it’s almost dinner time.”

B: “But I’m healthy! Look!” Does an Irish jig around the kitchen, finishes with a flourish and heads toward the brownies on the counter.

Me: “Still no brownie. No more sweets for the day.”

Long pause in the action. B climbs up on the table and tries to look innocent. I check the oven roast and will it to cook faster; the natives are getting restless.

B: “Now can I have a brownie?”

Me: “What did I tell you when you asked that question before?”

B: “Umm…. you said… yes?”

Me: “If you are starving you can eat the rest of your banana.”

B: “But I don’t like the rest of my banana! My belly says it only wants brownie! Listen to my belly!”

Me: Sigh. “Hey, how about a movie?”

B: “Curious George?”

Me: “Sure.”

B : “Well. Okay.”

B exits stage right. The kitchen is quiet beyond the bleeps and swoopy music coming from T’s computer game. In the far distance, The Man With the Yellow Hat exclaims at his monkey’s impertinence. For a moment I am the kind of woman who has fascinating, titillating, intellectual conversations on an hourly basis. Then, L enters stage left.

L: “Can I watch TV with B?”

Me: “Sure.”

L: “Can I have a brownie?”

About andi

Writer, editor, wrangler of small boys and dogs.


  1. ROTLOL!!! Of course, I know all the players personally. But still – that’s FUNNY. Love you loads!

  2. Carol Gray

    Really like this piece which I was led to after reading your grub street daily: no room of my own, a mom’s writing life – which made me laugh and feel reassured that someone else has given their kids lolipops for lunch. Funny that now that my kids are older (12 and 15) and not as needy and I have more time to write – writing is no longer as much of a secret, special vacation and has become more of a “job” – not that I make $ from it mind you – but it feels more like “work” – and I don’t think I do it quite as well or enjoy it quite as much. Can’t believe I’m saying that – I sound like one of those people who tell you “oh, enjoy every minute, the time goes so fast. Next thing you know they’ll be in college.” When I was up to my elbows in diapers I couldn’t stand those people.

    • Carol, I think you’re right, there is something very useful about urgency. Perhaps we all need something to escape from to make our writing special. Thanks for reading!

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