b ~ And indeed there will be time/For the yellow smoke that slides along the street,

Indeed there will be time this Summer~

To Smell:
*The smoke from the grill as it mixes and mingles with the smells from
all the grills from the houses up and down our street.
*The flowers that we’ve picked from our walks, from the garden. They
live for a time in vases and jars, adorning our windowsills and
tabletops. Adding spots of color to our quiet rooms.

To Touch:
*The cool grass between our brightly painted toes.
*The hot steering wheel in our car that has waited patiently for us in
the heat of the day.
*The bubbles, ever so gently, as they ride on the wind before bursting.

To See:
*The brilliant fireworks display as they luminesce in the night sky.
Always hoping for more.
*The screen light up at the drive-in after sitting in the car, waiting
for the sky to darken, anticipating the beginning of the movie.
Popcorn and french fries in boxes at our fingertips.

To Hear:
*Those certain songs come on the radio as we are driving along,
windows rolled down. Cranking the volume up for: “Walkin’ on
Sunshine,” “Escapade,” any song from the Glee soundtrack. (Like
“Single Ladies.) Instant sing-along.
* The ocean long after we have left the beach. It’s a constant rhythm
playing in our heads, lulling us to sleep.

To Taste:
* The syrups and concoctions created in our kitchen, placed in the
fridge, ready to be splashed into seltzer at a moment’s notice. Mint,
rhubarb, lemon, ginger. Instant party.
*Frozen confections. Ice cream or sorbet. Homemade popsicles. Freeze
pops from the store that seem to take forever to harden as we wait and
wait to put that ice cold juice to our tongues.

This summer I want to be giddy. To play games with and without rules.
To twirl in a skirt for no reason. To abandon all reasoning. To hold
hands, walk beaches, sleep outside. To write more and whine less. To
take an unexpected road trip. To see the circus several times–
festooned in all its childlike glory. To ride my bike all over town.
To laugh deep and heartily. To paint my walls ocean inspired hues. To
feel lighter than have in years.

My Summer Manifesto or what I want to do with my one wild and precious life.
June 2012

About andi

Writer, editor, wrangler of small boys and dogs.


  1. vtbee

    “This summer I want to be giddy. To play games with and without rules.
    To twirl in a skirt for no reason. To abandon all reasoning.”

    I am with you!

  2. Amen, sister. Particularly when it comes to the drive-in, the ocean, and ice cream. Let us all post this manifesto on our walls!

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