b ~ My morning coat, my collar mounting firmly to the chin

The catalogs have started arriving. I had this brief impulse to ditch
teaching yesterday and stay home under the covers and pore through the
pages. With so many catalogs becoming online only these days, I treat
the ones that do arrive with a touch of reverence. I rarely buy
anything, but I find they provide such visual inspiration. Some of the
color combinations surprise and some inspire me to be brave in my
choices when I stare at the choices in my closets. Ignoring the plain
and heading for the print instead.

This time of year makes me giddy. These autumnal hues are my
favorites, the burnished golds and flaming oranges. It feels like the
trees have put on their best finery. If only it weren’t so fleeting.

My favorite line from foray into the land of houndstooth skirts, knee
high boots and richly saturated turtleneck sweaters: “Fall is for
layering.” And so it is. The mornings are a bit chiller and then the
day often warms into a sunshiney afternoon. So off come the morning
coats and the scarves, but kept close enough to put them on again for
the chill of the evening. I’ve still got one foot in Summer for sure.
I cherish every single moment the sun is out, even from my desk in the
basement of the Library. But there are parts of Fall that I adore,
especially the scarves. I layer them, I play with combinations, I wrap
them tightly round my neck and grin.

To that end, here is my Fall Bucket List. (Similar to my Summer Wish
List, which I managed to complete. Except for the popsicles. But
according to my “People’s Pops” cookbook, I’ve still got a little time

~Crunch in the leaves. That sound fills me like no other.

~Visit the farm stand and try one of every apple. Eat them slowly and
appreciate the texture.

~Live in the autumnal moment, no worrying about the Winter weather to
come. It will come all too soon.

~Enjoy the start of a new school season and build off of the
excitement and enthusiasm. Feel the beauty of the clean slate.

~Get ready to visit the beach. After everyone has had their vacation,
we are ready for ours. We couldn’t go last year, so this vacation will
be extra special.

~Making time for cider and doughnuts, new recipes to try.

~Pumpkins to be carved. Perhaps in time for the holiday or knowing us,
shortly after. Hey, it just extends the holiday.

~Scarves, scarves and more scarves. A new one each day for a week.

~Visit a new restaurant and try out one of their Fall favorites, savor
the flavors, let them melt in your mouth.

~Socks. I’m so looking forward to pulling out some of my favorite
patterns to wear.

~Snuggling under a blanket with a movie and popcorn to share. Maybe
someday I’ll actually finish the blanket I’m knitting.

~Knitting, of course knitting. I still have a few handwarmers to
finish up from last year. Some friends got IOUs, so I best finish
those. Because before you know it will be time to knit for this year.
But I don’t want to think about that today. I just want to experience
the Fall day that is right outside waiting for me.

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Writer, editor, wrangler of small boys and dogs.

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