a ~ Should I, after tea and cakes and ices,


Today it was sunny and then rainy. I left the house without a coat and now I’m chilled. The car will be warm, soon, though, because I’m committing an act of environmental violence and running the engine, and thus the heat, while I wait for my boy’s school day to be over.

Yesterday it was rainy and then sunny. We walked the path down to Quechee Gorge and kept company the broken trees and left-behind trash of all household varieties. I haven’t been there since the big storm and subsequent flooding; the devastation is still evident. I wore a coat the whole way and then left it in the car when we went to look at baby sheep and I shivered while they were cute for us. But the evening was one of those shiny with sun and simmering leftovers and a pretty glass of good wine.

Two days ago was all sun. You have me to thank for this. It was my birthday. I’m 38 years old and happy to think about the decades ahead. Birthdays are usually very quiet for me, and this one was a little quiet but also very alive. Terri came to visit and made dinner and strawberry shortcake with four skinny candles for dessert. M and the boys gave me wine glasses which now lend an elegance to my wine hours that’s been missing. (Jelly jars just aren’t the same.) And books, so I am well supplied again. And notes written in the dusty dooryard. And clever letters, and pictures, and many, many kisses and ferocious hugs. Terri’s present (besides the dinner, the cake, the loads and loads of accomplished laundry) seemed to know what the occasion called for and told us “Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.” More ordinary life, please. Forever and ever.

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  1. Yes please. Ordinary. On and on. Unremarkably perfect. And.. Happy Birthday!

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