a ~ Licked its tongue in the corners of the evening

We bought a new bed.

That is, we bought a bed. This is the first bed we’ve ever bought together, and it’s the first bed I’ve ever bought at all. Since I moved out of my parents’ house I’ve been a mattress-on-the-floor kind of girl. But you can’t put stuff under beds that are just mattresses on the floor and we need storage. So, we bought a bed, with storage underneath. I didn’t even know beds came like that, with drawers.

Our bed – it’s amazing. It’s like my birthday every single night.

Now we go to bed as soon as the boys are in theirs. We watch movies, we read, we work on our laptops, we tell each other those insanely funny details of our day, the kind of things only your spouse will join you in laughter over. And we sleep late. Six a.m. has become the funniest joke we know. We never see it. You know why? Because our bed is so amazing.

I love our new bed. I love those defining corners of our evenings. Right now I am not in our new bed and I miss it.

So, goodnight.


About andi

Writer, editor, wrangler of small boys and dogs.


  1. congratulations on your new bed! a really defining moment in your marriage!

  2. mdiehn

    So *thats* where you were at bedtime last night!

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